Boris Aristin

Assessment and emergency response expert

Boris Aristin is a humanitarian expert with 17 years of working experience in 33 countries worldwide. During his career, together with his management skills, he has developed 4 key areas of expertise:

 Humanitarian leadership and management: Member of the team that defined core values, skills and personal attitudes for emergency humanitarian staff in order of ensuring good performance, impact of the responses and minimizing the most common negative aftermaths across humanitarian staff.

 Needs Assessments: Since 2011 is has been almost fully focused on identifying and analyse humanitarian needs, response and gaps. He has developed assessment methodologies (HelpAge International) co-developed training modules (ACAPS) and lead large data collection and analysis exercises as it is with his current position with iMMAP deployed as Regional Needs and Monitoring Coordinator OCHA RO for the Syria crisis since 2015.

 Emergency Preparedness & Response Plans: Leader of several EPP&R exercises since 2004 he co-lead in 2010 the EPP for Gaza Strip nowadays considered as a case study of good practice by WHO.

 Advocacy and coordination: He has been actively involved on advocacy campaigns in his different positions, some of them were: inclusion of Protection and Education as humanitarian response sectors (2005-2009) inclusion of gender and age disaggregated data as core part of the humanitarian needs assessments (2011-nowadays) and urban perspective in the humanitarian needs analysis and response (2014-nowadays)