Carole Saudejaud

Rights Director at Fayard Edition

“Taking part in the reflection and exchanges initiated and arranged by FrontView Synergy is like taking part in an idea laboratory, a collective reflection to carry out practical actions, which may also occasionally be fulfilled in writing. This is how I see it, and it’s very exciting.”

After her studies in history and international relations, Carole worked in publishing in New York for a year, at the New Press and later at Metropolitan Books. Her experience with André Schiffrin at the New Press was fateful and decisive. In this non-profit publishing house militant in every way – political, social and of course literary – she realised that books, on all supports, and defending the ideas they advocate for, truly was an engaging way of looking at the world, taking action, making a difference. Since 2006, she has been managing the rights department at Fayard, where she continues to be a purveyor of ideas: bringing a text to other languages, other territories, continuously widening the scope of its potential readers; bringing it to other print formats and other supports, for instance as audio-visual materials when a TV and/or movie adaptation is possible. She supports a rich and diverse catalogue, from humanities to essays, news-related papers, investigation reports and novels.