Galla Bridier

Housing policy officer and elected representative

Since March 2014, I have been a Paris ecologist councillor from the 18th arrondissement, particularly involved in housing, urban planning and accommodation policies. I advocate for a moderate development of the compact city, focussed on inhabitants’ use values, public properties and the return of Nature in the city. One of the challenges arising from the metropolisation of big cities and that I hold dear is the integration of each and all within the city, especially the working class and the most impoverished communities. It is with this conviction that I have been fighting, with the ecologist group, to welcome refugees with dignity and humanity in Paris, in all arrondissements. This is why as President of the Paris regional agency for information on housing (ADIL 75), I have been campaigning for more information and greater respect of the regulations in force on rental control in order to fight against property speculation, which is kicking young, retired and destitute populations out of inner Paris.

Moreover, in my capacity as elected representative for the city and president of the ecologist group for the Greater Paris area, I advocate for a readjustment between the Eastern and Western territories of the densely populated area within the Ile-de-France region and for the reduction of social, economic and environmental inequalities.

Professionally, I am strongly committed to social diversity and “housing for all” in my position as housing policy officer for a social landlord in the Seine Saint Denis area.

In another life, to which François Dupaquier introduced me, I worked in the humanitarian sector, as project manager in areas such as education, health, water and microcredit in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Chechnya.