Pierre Brunet

Novelist and humanitarian

“As a writer and humanitarian, at the crossroads of action, creation and reflection, I could only be appealed and interested in Synergy, a fertile ground for ideas and a place to meet key players or analysts from different yet complementary professional backgrounds committed to take action in the world.”

Born in Paris in 1961 to a French father and Spanish mother, Pierre Brunet soon chose after graduation not to pursue long studies after one year in law school. His eagerness might have been born out of his many family travels as a child. Fuelled by his urge for both diverse and humanly enriching experiences, he goes from odd jobs to uncommon occupations: ad space broker, croupier in gambling clubs in Paris, security guard, handyman in an engineering and consulting firm, Vespa courier in Paris, freelance journalist…

In parallel, he indulges in his passion for combat sports (he obtains his Judo black belt and diligently practises karate and Thai boxing) and literature (he is an amateur actor in plays, devours the most diverse books, and writes his first two novels and short stories).

In 1994, by chance, he comes across humanitarian aid and volunteers to go to Rwanda a few weeks after the genocide had ended. Following a few difficult months being back in Paris, he takes off once again in 1995 for a humanitarian mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a country then torn apart by civil war. He stays for a total of 14 months as programme coordinator in Sarajevo and later as head of mission.

Back in France at the end of 1996, he joins the French NGO SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL (for which he had carried out a mission). He is in charge communications, while still going on field missions, for instance in Afghanistan in 2003, and gets back to writing.

In 2011, while he is still involved in humanitarian work as a member of SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee (Pierre Brunet is the organisation’s Vice-President and made field visits to migrants in Greece and Macedonia in April 2016), he fully commits to writing and devotes most of his time to his calling as a writer. In the meantime, he starts a family with his wife.

Pierre Brunet’s novels are published by Calmann-Lévy:

January 2016: publication of his first novel “Baruman” by Calmann-Lévy, a story inspired by his humanitarian experience.

September 2008: publication of his second novel “JAB”, the story of a young Spanish orphan girl who grew up in Morocco and who will later become a professional boxer.

March 2014: publication of his third novel “Fenicia”, inspired by his mother’s life, a young Spanish orphan during the civil war, refugee in France, who became an anarchist and seductive activist and died at 31 in a mental institution.

January 2017: planned release of his fourth novel “Le triangle d’incertitude“ (the triangle of uncertainty), in which the author “comes back” one more time, just like in “Barnum”, to 1994 Rwanda in order to relate the trauma of a French army officer during Operation Turquoise.

In addition to his writing career and humanitarian commitment, Pierre Brunet co-authored TV programmes in partnership, first, with the production company Auteurs Associés and later with the production company Grand large.

For several years now, he has been participating to TV programme projects as a co-scriptwriter with FrontView production company, founded by François Dupaquier, a humanitarian just like him.

Occasionally, Pierre Brunet writes columns and articles for various newspapers, mostly related to international affairs and geopolitics.