Stève Siracuse

Director, Audiovisual Unit

Stève Siracuse is a film and photography director as well as a photograph. In addition, Stève frequently works on TV programmes as a producer and artistic director. He also works with the TBWA agency on campaigns for major corporations.

Passionate and militant, Stève put his expertise to the profit of his humanitarian commitment by directing documentaries for the ICRC in Gaza, alongside war wounded and mutilated, “Beyond visible scars”, or in Niger with land-workers, “Médiation agro-pastorale au Sahel”. He has also worked as an independent in Somalia and Kenya with François Dupaquier, “La voie de la faim”. In 2018, Stève directed and produced an award-winning short fiction. In 2020, he had collaborated on the Africa 2020 Season with the producer and director Liz Gomis. He is also working on a major documentary series on Africa.

Stève is the Director of FrontView Production’s Audiovisual Unit.