“Just amongst man”, first novel of FrontView founder.




Author: François Dupaquier

Publisher: Fayard

Publication: 25 septembre 2019

François Dupaquier, the founder of FrontView, publishes his first novel on September 25, 2019 (Fayard publisher). It is the result of a deep documentary work and years of missions in the Middle East. But it also has its roots in the FrontView Synergy group and in a collaboration which has allowed advocacy on the Syrian crisis.

Couverture Roman

From the United States to Syria and Europe: a man in search of truth, an unprecedented humanitarian scandal – and the struggle of an entire people for their freedom.

When Ali and Miran, two former Syrian rebels, find themselves in the United States in 2017 after fleeing Aleppo, they are just refugees who have lost everything except their friendship. But, while employed on a Kansas farm, Miran dies under mysterious circumstances. Ali, in search of the truth about this tragedy, finds himself plunged into a political and financial scandal related to humanitarian aid. Hunted, he is obliged to flee as much death as his past. On the way, he meets Zoé, an idealist journalist, Amadou, a migrant looking for a better future, and Jacques, a French special forces officer who also fought in Syria. So many new fellow travelers who believe in a future that Ali has long since given up.