FrontView is a consulting firm, funded by François Dupaquier, and specialized in humanitarian crises, armed conflicts, natural disasters and other complex crises in fragile states.

Our humanitarian, stabilization and peace building expertise includes assessing humanitarian needs and projects, implementing dedicated monitoring exercises and research projects, conducting performance audit and providing organizational support. Our firm provides consulting services for public institutions, NGOs and international organizations via qualitative and quantitative surveys, analysis notes, plans of action and project management support.

FrontView also documents its missions through films and other social media. FrontView makes movies on committed topics. A number of its productions have been selected and awarded in international festivals, broadcasted on several television channels and distributed internationally.

FrontView also hosts Synergy, a think-tank, created to use and share field knowledge for the development of committed projects. The objective is to open up humanitarian engagement to other professional fields. This experience needs to be disseminated today to better address societal challenges and help write tomorrow’s humanitarian and social responsibility.

Our values and principles

1. Integrity, independence and commitment

Our teams have all chosen working with us for important humanistic values which is an essential factor for FrontView. We strive to improve humanitarian practices and solidarity in complete independence and in strict respect of human rights, international humanitarian law and the various codes of conduct governing the profession.

2. Professionalism and quality

FrontView brings a very high level of professionalism and skills in all its work. All our experts follow high professional standards. They respect the most rigorous international standards and practices.

3. Efficiency and responsibility

Each of our offers is specifically designed to fit the profile of our clients and their portfolio of projects to be economically advantageous. Our priority is the finality: the success of our partners’ projects.

4. Imagination and innovation

Our experience and imagination are our strengths to develop projects, researches, methodologies, reports or analyzes. We challenge ourselves at every step of our work to improve in ever-changing contexts.