A consulting firm, active in the field.

Consulting firm specialised in humanitarian crises, armed conflicts, natural disasters and other complex crises.

Our expertise includes assessing needs and humanitarian projects, implementing dedicated monitoring, internal audit and organisational support. Our firm provides consulting services for public institutions, NGOs and international organisations via qualitative and quantitative surveys, analysis notes, plans of action and project management support.

Project evaluation & public policies - performance audit & organisational support
Audit of security procedures of CDCS funded humanitarian programs in the MENA region
FrontView signed a 3-year framework agreement for multi-partner and [...]
Performance audit of CDCS funded humanitarian programs in the MENA region
FrontView signed a 3-year framework agreement for multi-partner and [...]
Mine clearance projects evaluation, French MoFA-Multi countries
We conducted external evaluations and performance audits of five CDCS-funded [...]
Conflict Sensitivity Evaluation, Syrian Crisis
Conflict sensitivity study to establish and anticipate possible negative [...]
Final ECHO evaluation, regional project for Syrian refugees, Lebanon & Jordan
FrontView assessed Handicap International’s programme on behalf of ECHO (EU) [...]
Final joint evaluation of ECHO’s project, Syrian refugees, Lebanon
FrontView evaluated three international NGOs’ cash transfer projects for the [...]
Mission audit and strategic support, Pakistan
As part the various activities carried out by Première Urgence International, [...]
Europaid final assessment, Karen refugees, Thailand
The Solidarités International NGO has been called upon for a two-year [...]
Intermediate assessment, emergency relief distributions, Syrian refugees, Lebanon
The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) entrusted us to evaluate their large-scale [...]
Development of a humanitarian crisis response unit
La Chaîne de l’Espoir, an NGO specialised in paediatric surgery, entrusted [...]
Need assessment - Project development & Operational strategy
Feasibility study for a Medical Research and Care Center in Mosul, Iraq
Expertise France (EF) commissioned FrontView to conduct a feasibility study of [...]
Medical proposal development in Jordan
In April 2021, FrontView provided La Chaîne de l’Espoir with an initiative [...]
Médical proposal development in Venezuela
In early 2020, LCDE mandated FrontView to produce a concept note for a medical [...]
Proposal development, hospital in Sinjar, Iraq
During Q1 of 2021, FrontView has been commissioned by La Chaîne de l’Espoir [...]
Strategic support for Expertise France on security challenges
In January 2020, FrontView was commissioned by Expertise France to support the [...]
Support to proposal development, HI
HI (Humanity and Inclusion) has asked us to support the development of a Cash [...]
Institutional project management expertise in Jordan
One of our expert in project management and donors' procedures, has done a 2 [...]
Initial assessment (surgery) & mission launch (Iraqi Kurdistan)
As part of our support to La Chaîne de l’Espoir in developing its capacity [...]
Operational support for the migrant crisis (Greece & Balkans)
In October 2015, as Greece faces the arrival of up to 10,000 migrants on its [...]
Programme coordination and assessment support, Haiti
In order to assist Solidarités International’s team after the January 2010 [...]
Initial assessment, Syrian refugees, Kurdistan, Iraq
Première Urgence International NGO called upon FrontView to assess Syrian [...]
Initial assessment, North Mali
In early 2012, a Tuareg uprising leads jihadist forces to take control over [...]
Initial evaluation, Georgia 2008
In August 2008, Russian troops invade Georgia in a blitzkrieg attack and back [...]
Research, analysis & quantitative studies
Household Survey, Syria
In the framework of the DG ECHO Syria evaluation for 2016-2018 programming , a [...]
Risk analysis and contingency plan, Irak
In line with the Iraq’s Reconstruction and Development [...]
Risk analysis, Sinjar, Iraq
To strengthen the development of a project for a client for funding by two [...]
End-line assessment, livelihood, Somalian refugees, UNHCR, Ethiopia
End-line quantitative impact assessment of projects implemented by UNHCR in the [...]
Baseline assessment, livelihood, Somalian refugees, UNHCR, Ethiopia
We have been commissioned by Transtec to supervise the baseline assessment of [...]
Baseline assessment, livelihood, Malian refugees, Burkina Faso
Frontview has been commissioned by Transtec to carry out a baseline assessment [...]
Financial audit, administrative support and procedure development
Accounting and administrative support for LCDE after the explosions in Beirut
In May 2021, La Chaîne de l'Espoir commissioned FrontView to assist the NGO [...]
Framework Agreement – Financial audit of CDCS funded programs in the MENA region
FrontView signed a framework agreement in 2018 for multi-partner and [...]
Procedures manual development
We have developed the entire Chain of Hope procedures manual in the areas of [...]
Due Diligence of local partners
We conducted a due diligence mission of 3 local partners of the [...]
Internal Audit, Iraq
La Chaîne de l’Espoir (CDE) being in a phase of diversification of its [...]
Internal Audit in Central African Republic
We have been to CAR for an internal audit consultancy on medical projects [...]
Our team
François Dupaquier
FrontView CEO & International evaluation expert
Julien Bessi
Accounting expert and auditor - in charge of financial audits and administrative expertises
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