FRONTVIEW teams up with PHLOEM and acquires a financial auditing capacity to produce project evaluation reports in compliance with international ISAE standards

Sunday September 5th, 2021

By Editeur

FrontView participates in the establishment of the accounting cooperative PHLOEM by acquiring some of its capital. In addition, FrontView is strengthening its expertise to provide a 360° understanding of project management challenges for international solidarity actors and offers an integrated range of services to its clients, whether institutions and associations.

This project is, first and foremost, the result of a collaboration between François Dupaquier, director of FrontView, and Julien Bessi, auditor, who founded PHLOEM. In their respective fields, they share a common desire to support the improvement of humanitarian response in fragile countries.

Their commitment aims at strengthening the links between the operational and financial aspects of programme management to: Improve procedures and their flexibility, be innovative in compliance with donor rules; Support organizational change in all its dimensions, including localization aspects; To enable in-depth research on conflict sensitivity, anti-corruption, and terrorism financing aspects.

Our work focuses on : The deployment of mobile and flexible tools; Embeddable guidelines; Continuous and transparent communication; Assurance of quality work; Secure and confidential data; Open cooperation.