Ukraine in the loop : 01/03/2022

Tuesday March 1st, 2022

By Editeur

Since the beginning of the conflict escalation, the OHCHR reported at least 406 civil casualties, including 102 deaths. Faced with an increasingly critical humanitarian situation, Russian and Ukrainian envoys held peace talks at the Belarus border yesterday but didn’t reach any agreements other than a commitment to meet again in the coming days.

According to the OCHA Humanitarian Impact Situation Report on Ukraine as of 3:00 p.m. (EET) on 28 February, homes and critical infrastructures have suffered severe damage across the country. The report underlined that around 124,000 people are without any access to water, more than 300,000 people are without electricity and more than 11,600 people have no longer access to gas supply. Moreover, hospital services continue to be threatened by power outrages and de-mining action is required in several parts of the country.

In particular, “several cities, towns and villages at the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe” in the Government-controlled areas of Donetska, Luhanska and Kharkivska oblasts and food shortages are reported in Kyiv and Kharkiv.

According to CNN, the UN stressed that 520,000 refugees have already fled Ukraine since Russia’s invasion and they warn that the number could rise to four million in the coming days. The WFP  highlighted the extreme conditions faced by people who want to leave Ukraine with waiting time up 3 days with freezing temperatures.

Also see the assistance offered  though the EU Civil Protection Mechanism: