Ukraine in the loop : 02/03/2022

Wednesday March 2nd, 2022

By Editeur

Faced with an estimated 660,000 refugees having fled Ukraine, the UNHCR has published the inter-agency Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRP) indicating the initial financial requirements of 12 partners (including UN agencies, national and international non-governmental organizations and civil society) from March to August 2022, working in tandem with concerned host Governments. The assistance will be delivered through a multi-sectoral approach focusing on protection, reception/shelter and material, and cash assistance.

Figure 1-Total projected refugee population by July 2022 (Source: Ukraine Situation – Regional Refugee Response Plan

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) also published the Ukraine Flash Appeal Report for the period from March to May 2022, in collaboration with humanitarian partners and in support of the national Government of Ukraine. According to this report, 18 million people are projected to become affected and 12 million of the affected population are expected to need humanitarian assistance. “6 million people with the most urgent humanitarian needs will be assisted with the resources required under this Flash Appeal, including 2.1 million IDPs covering the initial period of three months.”

Figure 2- Affected people projection (Source: OCHA)

Figure 3 Targeted sectors of the Flash Appeal (Source: OCHA)