Man and gorillas




Produced by MFP & FrontView production
Written by François Dupaquier and directed by Jean-Christophe de Revière
TVs: France 2 («Grandeurs Nature»), Ushuaia TV, TV5, etc.
Distributed by: France Télévisions distribution (FTD)
Best documentary, Jade Kunlun Awards, China 2014
In competition Deauville Green Award, France 2014

38 years after he met Dian Fossey, naturalist and explorer André Lucas comes back to Rwanda looking for Pompom, a gorilla whose birth he witnessed. A 52” documentary for France 2 Grandeurs Natures programme, distributed worldwide by France Télévisions, awarded and screened in many film festivals. André Lucas is one of those who build their life on passion and are led by their thirst for freedom to come across extraordinary fates.

This self-taught naturalist explorer became a mountain gorilla specialist in the 1970s, after an incredible meeting with Dian Foissey deep in the Rwandan forest. He then became the first Frenchman with whom the ethologist accepted to share her life among primates. And protecting them became his life-long struggle.

30 years later, this larger than life character and talented storyteller has only one thing in mind: returning to Rwanda to look for Pompom, a female gorilla whose birth he witnessed along with the renown ethologist, and visit the grave of the woman who lost her life in this fight. A few months ago, he was told Pompom was still alive and now even a grand-mother. Will she still be there despite continuous threats endangering mountain gorillas?

This is where the documentary starts, at the beginning of his quest across the Rwandan forest, in the Great Lakes region. Along his way, he will make new encounters as he is reunited with nature and the animal world. This is also a great opportunity to tell the many adventures that took place 30 years ago in this very forest. All this amazing era when the tireless adventurer put down his backpack among gorillas, forging with them an unbreakable bond.