Performance audit of CDCS funded humanitarian programs in the MENA region




Client: MAE-CDCS

Type of mission: External evaluation – Efficacity & Efficiency

Date: 2019-2021

Deliverables: Evaluation report

FrontView signed a 3-year framework agreement for multi-partner and multi-country evaluations of CDCS partners’ programmes.

After a decade-long fragility and years of conflict, many NGOs have developed demining, health, psycho-social and water and sanitation projects in the MENA region to improve the living conditions of local populations. In this regard, the CDCS has funded the following NGOs:

Commissioned to conduct an independent evaluation of these CDCS partners, FrontView conducted the performance audit of these projects. Within the scope of CDCS accountability requirements, FrontView’s mission focused on the review of the efficiency and effectiveness of the actions of these demining and clearance projects.