Baseline assessment, livelihood, Somalian refugees, UNHCR, Ethiopia





Client: UNHCR, Transtec
Date: mars - avril 2015
Durée: 45 jours
Livrables: méthodologie, database, rapport de collecte et d'analyse

We have been commissioned by Transtec to supervise the baseline assessment of the context and humanitarian needs of Somalian refugee populations in Dollo Ado, Ethiopia, in the area of livelihood on behalf of the UNHCR.

Evolution of surveys collected

FrontView supervised the collection of quantitative data on tablet computers in 5 refugee camps (200,000 people): Kobe, Melkadida, Bokolmayo, Hilaweyn, Bur Amino. The whole mission was based on a strong methodological approach (development of proxy indicators): logistical and human resources, software and tablet programming, sample selection, enumerators training, data collection and processing.