Initial evaluation, Georgia 2008




Client: Première Urgence Internationale
Period: September - October 2008
Duration: 30 days
Deliverables: assessment report & recommendations, concept note

In August 2008, Russian troops invade Georgia in a blitzkrieg attack and back Ossetian militias in the declaration of independence of North Ossetia. FrontView was commissioned by Première-Urgence to carry out an initial assessment of humanitarian needs.


Première-Urgence specifically called upon us to assess needs in the hard-to-reach buffer zone controlled by the Russian army and Ossetian militias. This part of South Ossetia, a Georgian province, sustained the most substantial damage during the war, as some of its population fled fighting to seek refuge in other parts of Georgia. Our assessment method was based on questionnaires and various interviews. It led to the proposal of a winter programme, including for instance wood distribution and housing rehabilitation.