A film written and directed by François Dupaquier
Original sound track by Mikael Bentz
Broadcast on France 5
Nominated at Winterthur 2012

Sonia and Anna have both been the victims of sex-trafficking. Traumatised and hurt, they managed to get out of what seemed to be an endless nightmare. But in spite of everything, getting back to a ‘normal’ life is still today a real challenge for them. Through their accounts, you will discover a poignant and disturbing reality. A reality unfolding before our eyes, in France, but that nobody seems to see.

Anna and Sonia were both underage when they were prostituted by adults. They each have a story, each experienced a form of abuse, a feeling of abandonment and helplessness, fear and today, each fight to get better in their own way. Their stories reflect a reality happening in France, day and night, but that nobody seems to see. The reality of underage girls being prostituted, continuously fought against by organisations and too often overlooked by public authorities.