A think-tank for powerful projects.  

FrontView Synergy is a collaborative community. It includes various specialists with diverse professional backgrounds, all willing to confront their experience and opinions on humanitarian and societal issues.

FrontView Synergy is a think-tank dedicated to develop engaged projects, whether it be field operations, research & development or advocacy projects (awareness actions, publications, audio-visual productions, etc.). Its approach is meant to be cross-disciplinary and open, everyone has the opportunity to provide their input and take part in projects. This think-tank is both inspired by and inspiring to FrontView’s other divisions.

“Just amongst man”, first novel of FrontView founder.
François Dupaquier, the founder of FrontView, publishes his first novel on [...]
(Fr) La Syrie et les enjeux humanitaires régionaux
Sorry, this entry is only available in [...]
Engagement in the migration issue
At the instigation of Alain Deloche from La Chaîne de l’Espoir and Sinan [...]
Galla Bridier
Housing policy officer and elected representative
Doctor Claire Rieux
Haematologist and humanitarian
Professor Alain Deloche
Cardiac surgeon and humanitarian
Carole Saudejaud
Rights Director at Fayard Edition
Pierre Brunet
Novelist and humanitarian